Dear Editor:
When Representative Greg Lewis resigned in front of the entire Kansas House of Representatives and gave his final farewell to a chamber full of colleagues, whom he worked hard with for the last three years, he stated the following: "Serve your district with a servant's heart. This is the House of Representatives. This is not the House of self-interest. This is not the House of special interest. This is the people's House."
Rep. Lewis truly embodied the ideas of serving the people of the 113th District with honor and pride. He did many great things for this district, like fighting for our state's education, businesses, farms and livelihood. He always tried to do what was best, not for himself or for special interests, but for his constituents and the state he loved dear.
I invited him to my government class to discuss with my students what he does in the state house and why he served. While listening to him, I could tell that this many truly cared about this district and Kansas more than anything else. He cared about what would benefit all Kansans, and not the few. He cared more about the people who elected him, and served them with virtue and diligence.
What I admire most about Rep. Lewis is his honesty, and sticking to his guns. He always returns calls from constituents regarding specific bills. He was upfront with them, knowing that it might make them happy or mad, but he always told them why he voted the way he did.
I, along with the 113th District and Kansas, would like to thank you, Rep. Lewis, for your service and commitment to government. You have been an incredible example on how a legislator should serve., having compassion on issues that matter most to your constituents. As you go through this journey, remember Rep. Lewis, that the 113th District will be by your side, praying as your family goes through this journey.
Ad Astra Per Aspera,
Kyle M. Farmer
113th District