Macksville fisherman gets out when he can to enjoy his favorite hobby.

The worst day of fishing is better than the best day at work. That’s a common sentiment among fisherman including Jerry Ford of Macksville. Ford will travel some distance to enjoy his hobby including heading to Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake.
Ford took a spot on the west bank of lake on Sunday and dropped in a line as he tried to catch some crappie. He used what he called a regular lure for bait but it didn’t seem to be working.
Ford said he had been to the lake enough times that he knew where the bushes were in the lake where the crappie liked to feed.
Morning and evening are the best time to catch fish. At night, bait fish like to come in close to the bank to avoid predator fish, said Ford who likes to come to Pratt and fish as often as he can. He didn’t have luck this time but he’s ready to come back and try it again.
As the temperatures warm up, many like-minded fishermen and women will be finding their way to the Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake to enjoy their favorite sport/hobby. But starting on April 8 when the lake is drained to make repairs on the inlet and outlet tubes, they will have to put their lines in elsewhere. The lake project should be complete around June 21.