A layman's commentary on the way life should be.

I was fortunate to gain a childhood understanding of telling the truth after a paddling or two. Discipline is so important in children as it forms the basis for the rest of their life. Mrs. Huckelbridge, my fourth grade teacher,  was fond of her paddle that found its way as I grabbed my ankles. I don’t recall my fib, but I was glad the paddle wasn’t short, since it did shape my memory.
Our heavenly Father inspired the word truth to be placed 224 times in the King James Version of our textbook of life. The Ninth Commandment is not a suggestion so being a Pinocchio-type individual won’t fix a lie.
Our Lord’s “Truth endures for all generations,” we are informed in Psalms 100:5. Just because too much TV may leave you thinking there is no truth, isn’t any way to proceed to live. We need remember some people are always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth as reported in 2 Timothy 3:7.
The Art of Abstract Teaching works best with “individual thinkers” who possess the capacity to sort out the truth.
An example of a German statement: ”Throw out the cow out some hay” could easily confuse a Frenchman, thinking of how to throw out the cow. When teaching a realty class, I had to be cautious with using abstract methods, many times with ones older than myself. I am not questioning their intelligence, but that method of teaching sometimes backfires as untruth ,if the technique is questionable. This can account for even university professors delivering a confusing but well-intended technique to create discussion.
For me, my home life, plus Mrs Hucklebridges attempt at discipline over 70 years ago helped me establish a “learning curve” to live by. Critics in politics and religion tend to generate a large number of marginal truths or deception, hoping the confusion yields their desires. My question, “Why is truth so important in life’s journey” was demonstrated by my Octogenarian experience. Think back when you were given encouragement of the importance of truth and how or why it shaped your life to not rely on a lie.