Ida Long Goodman Memorial Library serves the community in many ways, from providing fundraising fun to teaching safety protection measures, staff there is always looking for ways to better the lives of those in St. John.

The resounding calls of “bingo” filled the air as “Friends of the Library” hosted Quarter Bingo in the Community Room on April 7 at the Ida Long Goodman Memorial Library.
This is the third year for the event and it raised $320 for Friends of the Library.
A crowd of about 70 attended this Friends of the Library fundraiser designed to raise money for various library projects, said Laura Davis, library director.
A big part of the success of Quarter Bingo is due to local merchants who donate prizes for the event.
“The businesses have just been phenomenal,” said Barb Graves, library secretary. “A multitude of businesses have donated towards the pots.”
Pots of $30, $40 and a blackout pot of $100 were won at the event. White Foodliner provided food for the event, Graves said.  
Graves said the goal of Friends of the Library is to help improve the library in any way they can. They purchase new books and movies, do book reviews, sponsor craft classes and help with renovation projects for the library. They helped raise funds for the recently completed renovation of the patio area at the library and helped with replacing the flooring in the cafe area of the library. They also sponsor guest speakers at the library.
The next guest speaker will be self-defense advocate Cindy Coughenour who will lead a highly engaging and empowering hands-on training session for female self defense “Fearless and Female. Personal Safety for Women.”
The event will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24 at the library. Ages 12 and up are encouraged to take part in this event
This is a free event for registered library card holders. If a person doesn’t have a library card, bring a driver’s license or other form of ID to the library to get a card prior to the night of the event. Call 620-549-3227 to register for the event.
Davis said there is no limit to the number of people for this event. Registrations are suggested but walk-ins are welcome.
The world isn’t as safe as it used to be and weird stuff happens today. Teaching women self defense is timely and knowledge is best to stay safe.
“People need to be alert,” Davis said.
Self-defense advocate Coughenour will provide demonstrations and step-by-step practice of attitudes and basic self-defense techniques designed to increase confidence and safety-awareness.
Lessons include:
• Recognize and avoid dangerous situations.
• Avoid becoming a target by projecting strong body language.
• Utilize basic and accessible defensive moves to protect yourself.
Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably because the lessons include movements from upright and ground positions, bending, twisting, pushing, pulling and kicking. Those attending are encouraged to participate in activities that are physically and emotionally comfortable for them.
The event will get people to think, move and laugh in a positive learning environment.
Coughenour has more than 17 years experience and is certified in many different forms of self-defense. In 2001, she founded Female and Fearless and since then has trained diverse groups in personal safety.