MOUNDRIDGE — Randy and Sara Rice had four reasons to open a sno-cone stand — their four children.

“We’ve watched as our teenagers have driven to other towns to go get sno-cones and we were like, ‘we should be doing this right here in Moundridge,’” Rice said.

The Rices have two children in high school and two attending Kansas State University. They will all work at the recently launched Chill, located in front of Moundridge United Methodist Church at 225 S. Christian Ave.

“Our family just decided to open a shaved ice business,” Sara said. ”We thought this would be a perfect summer job for them.”

Besides the dozens of sno-cone flavors like tiger’s blood, dill pickle, pink lemonade and wedding cake, Chill has made up its own flavor combinations and given them Moundridge-themed names. “Dridger” is a mix of strawberry, watermelon and tutti frutti, “The Bradberry” has blue raspberry, strawberry and blackberry swirled together and “Black Kettle” features the flavors of grape, blue raspberry, black cherry and hurricane (passion fruit) in one sno-cone.

The whole Rice family was involved in making Chill’s sno-cone creations, choosing names that reflect their interests — from “Wildcat Willie” to “Ballerina.”

Wedding cake, ice cream and strawberry shortcake flavors are mixed together to create “Room for Dessert.”

″‘Room For Dessert’ is named for my grandma, who passed away about a year ago,” Sara explained. ”No matter what meal we had, she always said, ‘There’s room for dessert.’”

A few sugar-free flavors are available at Chill. Add-ins offered include sno-cream, caramel and candies like gummy worms, Nerds and Sour Patch Kids. Customers can also pay an extra 25 cents for a special utensil.

“The color-changing spoons have been really popular,” Rice said.

Not only does Chill sell sweet treats, children are encouraged to take part in several free activities nearby.

“We have cornhole for them to play; kids can draw with sidewalk chalk,” Sara said.

So far, the Rice’s children are enjoying their job.

“It goes by really fast,” said Bethany Rice.

Chill will typically be open from noon to 10 p.m. every day until Labor Day, but hours may vary. Check their Facebook page for updates.