Barclay College students leave Haviland for mission fields around the country.

Since 2015, Barclay College has sent their  students out to the world to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ.  Two summer break teams headed out this week (one East and one West), leaving the Haviland campus on Thursday, June 6 for a 2-month adventure serving others.
“My hope for the teams is that they are able to be a light of Christ for all the people they meet, impacting each and every person they come in contact with,” said Ryan Haase, Vice President of Student Services at BC. “It’s also a great opportunity to share the great things we have going on at Barclay College. I pray the team members will be challenged and encouraged to live every day pursuing the Lord.”
Mission team members had to apply, go through an interview process, then be selected by a committee comprised of Justin Kendall, Director of Admissions, and Haase.
To prepare for this endeavor, students selected met every two weeks during the spring semester to go through training and learn skills that would be helpful during their time as counselors. The team also went through a one-and-a -half day training session before leaving.
The East team, consisting of Kye Wright, Audra Meeks, Ciara Pack, and Caleb Funk, will travel to Camp Quaker Haven in Ark City, Kan., Quaker Haven Camp in Indiana, Camp Gideon in Ohio, head back to Indiana, then finish their journey close to home in Coldwater, Kan.
Rocky Perez, Chase Groth, Michale Johnson and Tayler Gentry make up the West team. They will also be going to Camp Quaker Haven in Ark City to start with, then come back to Haviland for Kaleo Theology Camp. Their adventure will then take them to Idaho and then finish with two weeks in Colorado.
The purpose of this program is to give these students an opportunity to invest in young peoples lives, share Jesus with them and spread the word about Barclay College. BC provides a $250 scholarship to each team member for each week they counsel, and they also receive a $50 allowance.
“I am looking forward to seeing how God takes a broken man like myself and restores them to serve the younger generation to further enhance the kingdom of heaven,” said Perez, Barclay student and West team member. “I’m doing this because I love seeing joy and happiness on kids faces.”