Great Bend Prairie Regional Advisory Committee members met last week for regular business.

Members of the Great Bend Prairie Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) from Pratt, Stafford, Barton, Kinsley and Rush Counties met Wednesday at American State Bank in St. John for their quarterly meeting to review recommendations regarding how the State Water Plan Fund should be allocated during State Fiscal Year 2021.
Berry Bortz, of Pratt County, announced Wednesday he is stepping down from his leadership role for medical reasons. Pratt County is also represented by City Manager Rick Eckert. Other participants at the meeting were Tom Turner, representing Stafford County; Orrin Feril, representing Groundwater Management District 5; Keith Miller, representing Barton County; RAC Vice Chair Jay Dill, representing Kinsley County; and Jeremiah Hobbs, representing Rush County.
Also in attendance were Matt Unruh and Diane Knowles, representing the Kansas Water Office in Topeka, and Steve Frost, representing the Kansas Department of Agriculture.
Unruh provided each RAC member spreadsheets covering the State Water Plan Fund as approved by the Kansas legislature.
“Recognizing the unique role RACs serve in representing local interest in identifying issueses and development action plans to solve those issues, the WKA is seeking your input regarding the SWPF budget,” Unruh said.
The 2020 Fiscal Year Kansas State Water Plan budget is $16,054,431 and the requested 2021 Kansas State Water Plan Fiscal Year budget is $26,964,701.
No specific action was taken by RAC members in attendance.