GREENSBURG — It is official.

Haviland Telephone Co. is bringing fiber optics internet to Greensburg. In the northwest zone of town, workers are rolling out conduit and burying cable in the northern half of that zone.

Drops to the homes in that area are beginning, which means the lines are being brought up to the homes from the street.

On May 14, Haviland Telephone announced the first zone to receive fiber was going to be the northwest zone of Greensburg, based on survey and pre-registration responses.

Additional customers are now being contacted by Haviland Telephone personnel to coordinate site surveys and drops via their email accounts. A spokesperson for the company said they hope to have the majority of the zone completed and customers completely installed by the end of August.

Pre-registered residents will be contacted to schedule a site visit and collect any prepayment. At the site visit, one of the technicians will meet with the homeowner to identify the best location for the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) in the home and the best path for the drop from the alley to the house. After that, construction crews will bury fiber optics from the mainline to the home.

A Haviland technician will then visit the home to complete the installation of the required equipment in the home and make sure the services are operating correctly. This could occur at the same time as the bury, but that is not guaranteed. It could take approximately 60 days from the time the neighborhood site visit process begins to complete installation of pre-registrants.

”There is still time to sign up for services in the NW Zone,” said Jayci Smitherman, a representative from Haviland Telephone Co. “As long as our crew is actively working in that zone plowing drops, we will continue to honor the $150 drop fee waiver when you agree to keep service for one year.”

Smitherman said the east and southwest zones are neck-and-neck as they progress towards meeting their sign up and pre-registration goals. It is important that residents in these zones sign up for fiber services.

“We would love to see one of these zones reach their goal within the next 30 days so that we can finalize engineering plans in that area and begin construction as soon as work is completed in the NW Zone,” Smitherman said.

To reach the goal, residents who live in that area need to go online and sign up to show interest in the service, then a Haviland Telephone representative will contact customers in the area which reaches their goal first. These people will be next in line to get the fiber optic internet option.

Haviland Telephone is committed to acquiring funding for the third and final zone for 2020, but only if there is a strong interest. Homeowners who are not in one of the two zones selected for construction this year but are interested in receiving fiber should contact the Haviland Telephone Co. office or visit to register and learn more.