Carl and Janet Feril served more than 30 years in Stafford County. A retirement celebration for Carl is Sunday, July 14 in St. John.

Some people have a more profound impact on a community than others and so is the case for Carl and Janet Feril who are retiring after serving in the Stafford County area for 36 years.
The public is invited to attend a retirement celebration from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 14 at the Stafford County Annex, 209 North Broadway in St. John, said friend Joy Sallee.
Carl is a preacher and a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist. He worked in the Stafford County community and with families in the Eastwood Church of Christ in Hutchinson.
He started his preaching career in Kim, Colorado (population 68) after attending Bear Valley School of Preaching. He preached there several years, met his wife Janet and they started a family.
Son Orrin was just 3-years-old when the family moved to Stafford in 1983 where he served as preacher for the Stafford Church of Christ for 10 years then moved to St. John and was preacher in the St. John Church of Christ for 26 years.
He preached the word of God, counseled countless families, counseled young people in schools, helped other churches by working and teaching Bible camps for children and worked with families in Kansas. He and wife Janet also traveled to South Dakota Belle Fourche to work with the church and help with Bible camps, Sallee said.
The Ferils always had dogs. Carl liked to work with rejected bull dogs and train them to be nice to people. He has a Pomeranian, Penny, that he uses as a therapy dog during his counseling sessions.
Janet worked for Stafford County Hospital for several years then worked at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center in the quality management department where she retired on June 11.
Janet has always been right by Carl’s side, serving the church and community in countless ways. They are both musicians and enjoy playing country and bluegrass. Carl plays guitar, fiddle and mandolin while Janet plays base fiddle and mandolin. Carl also collects old guitars.
They enjoy traveling in their motor home, taking in concerts and jamming with other musicians.
Their plans are to travel the country in their motor coach, helping and sharing their talents with other churches.
Carl played the guitar for decades and in his younger days was a member of “Cactus Carl and the Troubadours” band that played country western and some polka music, said Orrin Feril, son of Carl and Janet.
Music was always important to the Ferils. About five or six years ago, Orrin’s son started playing the fiddle then Orrin also started playing. A granddaughter has taken up the mandolin.
Family has always been a priority for the Ferils. They recently attended a family reunion with relatives from Illinois, Tennessee and Texas. His parents felt is was important to build relationships around generations.
“We are a very close family,” Orrin said.
Carl was a volunteer firefighter and EMT. Orrin said he remembered he and his brother carrying around their dad’s EMT medical bag.
“It seemed like we took it everywhere,” Orrin said.
The good memories always heavily outweighed any bad memories in the family. There was never a dull moment with lots of good activities. It was a good house to live in. The family was always doing something. The Ferils were always shuttling kids to sports and baseball practice and keeping up with the kids activities. Travel and family were both important.
“I have fond memories of going to Colorado and Texas to visit relatives,” Orrin said.
The Ferils recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of attending the Kentucky Derby where they had a chance to visit relatives. Carl is a big fan of horses and had one when was a young boy on his grandfather’s ranch, Sallee said.
As they start the next chapter in their lives, the people in the community wish them well and are thankful for everything they have done for the community.
“Carl and Janet both are appreciated greatly by the folks at the church of Christ in St. John and will truly be missed. Blessings from God are wished for both Carl and Janet as they jump in their motor coach and head off to their retirement adventures,” Sallee said.
The Ferils have two sons, C. W. and his wife Kelly of Murdock and Orrin and his wife Meagan of St. John. The Ferils have several grandchildren and great grandchildren.