The owner of Neighborhood Pharmacy in Wichita was found guilty Tuesday by a federal jury of illegally filling large numbers of prescriptions for highly addictive opioids sought by patients of a physician sentenced to life in prison for distribution of drugs.

U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister said pharmacist Ebube Otuonye, 46, of Bel Aire, would be sentenced in October for unlawful distribution of prescription drugs, conspiracy to unlawfully distribute prescription drugs and two counts of health care fraud.

He could be ordered to serve up to 20 years in prison and to pay fines of $1 million.

Federal prosecutors said during the U.S. District Court trial the crimes occurred while Otuonye was owner and operator of Neighborhood Pharmacy and filling prescriptions for patients of physician Steven Henson. Henson was convicted in 2018 of unlawful distribution of prescription drugs and sentenced to life in March.

Henson's patients with difficulty filling prescriptions turned to Otuonye, who charged more than other pharmacies for opioids and required Henson's patients to fill three non-narcotic prescriptions for every one opioid prescription filled.

Otuonye posted a sign on his pharmacy urging customers to shop elsewhere if all they sought was narcotics, but prosecutors said he continued to transact business with customers who favored paying in cash. He filled prescriptions from multiple patients arriving as a group with Henson's prescriptions and for patients from the same family presenting identical prescriptions.

Prosecutors said Otuonye filled prescriptions for more than 21,600 tablets of oxycodone, 48,600 tablets of methadone, 18,000 tablets of hydromorphone and 7,800 tablets of alprazolam.

In addition, federal prosecutors presented evidence Otuonye submitted claims to Medicare and Medicaid for filling Henson’s prescriptions.