OTTAWA — It’s nearly 90 degrees outside in Ottawa, but inside 306 S. Main St., the seasons are beginning to change ever so slightly from summer to fall.

The aroma of apple- and cinnamon-scented potpourri only adds to that unmistakable feeling that autumn is just around the corner.

And that’s just the way Terri Sutton wants it.

It was just two days before Sutton, and her daughter, Michele Sheets, were opening their new retail space The Pie Pit. Saturday’s opening formally marks the team’s return to Ottawa after a year-long absence. Sutton previously owned Primitive Treasures at 229 S. Main St., which is now home to Not Lost Brewing Co. She had the business there for seven years before moving it to Pomona. Before that, Sutton operated the Market Cafe in the back room of the antique store at 503 Main St. The cafe was open for two years.

“We were in Pomona for a year but found a spot here,” Sheets said. “So when this came up, I thought, ‘Why not?’”

The Pie Pit offers a new option for diners wanting breakfast, lunch or homemade pie. Along with the majority of the baking and cooking duties, Sutton is in charge of primitive home decor items, as well as antiques and candles. Sheets, who also helps out in the kitchen, oversees the boutique’s selection of women’s and girls’ apparel. She also makes the tutus, hair bows and jewelry for sale.

Once they knew they had the space, the clock began ticking — giving Sutton and Sheets three weeks to get it cleaned and ready to go. With the last few weeks being a whirlwind, the women spent Friday getting the final details in place before opening the doors the next morning at 7. Saturday’s soft opening featured a full menu plus eight different pies to choose from, ranging from triple-berry pie and turtle cheesecake to standards like chocolate-cream, cherry and apple. They had broccoli cheese and vegetable beef as their soups of the day.

Just a few of the breakfast items found on the menu include biscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon and home-fried potatoes. Other offerings range from cinnamon rolls to homemade quiche. For lunch, diners can choose from sandwiches and salads or from two soups of the day. Sutton makes more than 15 different varieties of homemade soup. The women said they plan to offer daily breakfast and lunch specials, which will be regularly posted on their Facebook page, which has received an overwhelming response.

Not only does Sutton promise ample servings, but freshly made menu items that can be ordered to go.

Customers can also expect to select from five to eight different pie varieties each day.

“If one is more popular, then we’ll try to offer it more often,” Sutton said. “It just depends.”

There’s also ice cream if you’re in the mood to have yours a la mode. Or, have a banana split or root beer float.

“We just wanted to offer good, homemade food,” Sutton said. “Comfort food.”