St. John-Hudson students will come back to school next week to a new gym floor.

Two bright, reflective coats of polyurethane sparkle on the St. John-Hudson high school gym as the new Tigers logo, created by a special student-led team, stares up from the middle of the gym floor.
Along the sides of the court, the name St. John is proudly displayed. Work crews from Patterson Construction finished applying the final coat of polyurethane to the gym floor late Tuesday morning, said Derryl Patterson.
Both gym floors at the school have undergone resurfacing this summer in preparation for the start of school. This included sanding down to the bare wood, two coats of sealant and court lines were painted then the gym floor was topped off with two coats of polyurethane to give the floors a shining new finish. Some floor vents in the small gym were capped at extra cost while the big gym received a new logo on center court and town names along the long sidelines. The word Tigers is printed at each free throw line and the three second zone under the basket is painted blue. The big gym was constructed in 1963.
The entire process took two weeks to complete, Patterson said.
For maximum life on the project, a maintenance coat should be done again in 2020 then every two years, Patterson said.
Tyler Patterson poured polyurethane from a bucket as Derryl followed along with a special applicator. The floor needs to dry for five days before it will be ready for school activities, Patterson said.
The new finish will show off the new logo, town name and court lines that were designed by a committee of St. John students with assistance from coaches and teachers, said USD 350 Superintendent Josh Meyer.
Students participating in the logo project were seniors Bree Meyer and Trey Fisher, juniors Uriel Calleros and Zayrellli Reyes.
The center piece of the design is the tiger’s face at center court in a shadow effect. The name “St. John” is in blue lettering with a white border and appears twice, once on each long side of the court. The three second lanes are blue with “TIGERS” in all capitals at the free throw lines with a blue out of bounds line surrounding the court.
The design was presented to Patterson Construction that, in turn, presented it to artwork specialists who brought the final design to life, Meyer said.
Gym floor surfaces like the ones in St. John should be resurfaced every 10 years. The big gym floor resurfaced in 2007 and the small gym floor was resurfaced more than 20 years ago so it was time for this project, Meyer said.
The project has been in the District long range capital improvement plan. The District has been saving up for some time to do the project that cost $24,000 for both gyms. It was one of the District projects that was deferred maintenance. In 2018-2019, money that could have gone to the refinishing project went to up grades in school safety, Meyer said.
The USD 350 Board of Education made the final decision on spending the money to complete the project.
Classes for the 2019-2020 school year will start on Thursday, Aug. 22.
Patterson Construction is based out of La Crosse. Meyer said they did a great job on the gym.