A lightning strike Saturday morning in Pratt County started rows of round bales burning, and they burned for most of the day.

About 100 bales of CRP grass were destroyed after lighting struck group of bales in the northeast part of the Pratt County around 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning.
The bales were 3.5 miles west of Iuka on NW 60th street. There were several groups of bales on the south side of the road but only one group burned.
There was a storm in the area and it was producing lightning at the time of the fire. Jim McMannis, who owns the bales, said the CRP bales were put up 30 days prior to the fire. The grass was very dry and excessive moisture was not an issue. He concluded the fire must have been started by a lightning strike.
Firefighters from Byers assisted at the fire and a unit stayed on scene for several hours until the bales could burn themselves out.
A local farmer used a pull-type road grader to scrape the ground down to bare dirt so the fire would not spread.