Shetley comes back to stage where she has already directed two stellar performances.

Randi Shetley is no stranger to the Barclay College community. Shetley spent a semester at Barclay College before finishing her bachelor's degree in Theatre Art from Friends University. She will complete her MA in Theatre in May from Regent University. Shetley previously held the position of Drama Professor at Barclay College from 2010-2013. This fall, Barclay College is excited to announce Shetley will continue those duties as well as being the event manager for the Ross-Ellis Center for Arts and Ministry.
“I love working with college students. More than anything else, I love seeing the talent a student cannot see in themselves and helping bring it out on stage. I love the confidence performing builds in these young actors. I have been commuting between Haviland and Branson the past two springs to direct these shows. I am so excited to be part of the staff at Barclay now, so I can truly invest in the school and this community,” Shetley said.
She has been the guest director for the last two musicals on the BC campus, both of which were highly successful. This spring, Shetley and the BC Drama Department will put on Mary Poppins.