LEAVENWORTH — Residents may have noticed an increased law enforcement presence at times at the former Immaculata High School.

The building in downtown Leavenworth has not become the site of increased criminal activity. But the former school has been used multiple times for regional law enforcement training.

According to Sgt. Roger Hundley of the Leavenworth Police Department, the building has been used for Kansas City regional counterterrorism response training.

Members of various law enforcement agencies from the metropolitan area have participated in the training.

Hundley said the program was established with the help of a grant obtained by the Mid-America Regional Council.

He said about 24 law enforcement officers were taking the eight-hour class Thursday at the former school building.

“These are primarily patrol officers,” he said.

There were additional law enforcement officers on hand Thursday who served as trainers.

Hundley, who was one of the trainers, described the class as force-on-force training.

Hundley said officers fired paint projectiles during the training. These simulated rounds could be fired from the normal type of rifles and handguns used by the officers.

“We’ll make it as realistic as possible,” Hundley said.

He said the class also has been taught at other locations in the metropolitan area.

“Basically, it’s where we have open buildings to do this,” he said.

Developers plan to eventually repurpose the former Immaculata building into apartments. A portion of the building also may be used for commercial space.