Better late than never applies to sending Christmas cards too.

With people’s busy lives and so many options for digital expression, the traditional form of sending a Christmas greeting card seems to be losing popularity.
Hopefully, Christmas cards won’t go the way of the dodo bird. That would be a sad day.
There’s something special about discovering a Christmas card in your mailbox. It may be the only, or one of a few, times you hear from that particular person during the year. Perhaps you even enjoy reading the annual Christmas letter, which provides an annual update on the comings of goings of a friend or family member who lives miles away.
In a mailbox primarily filled with bills, business solicitations, or pleas for this or that cause, it is a joy to receive a card. As our lives become increasingly overshadowed by technology, the human touch matters even more today.
A “like” on Facebook will soon be forgotten amidst the never-ending scroll of data on your computer or Smartphone screen.
A Christmas card, however, provides a tangible connection to another person. Tender expressions of love and kindness can be readily accessed without even having to turn on your personal electronic device.
So, this year, why not carve out some time to reconnect with friends and
family in a meaningful way? Send a Christmas card instead of a text message. Call a friend instead posting a message of Facebook. Not only will you be glad you did, but it will surely bring a smile to the face of the recipient, especially someone who might be feeling alone and forgotten in the whir and rush of life that characterizes this time of year.
Somewhere out there may be a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend that could use a little Christmas cheer. Fifty five cents is a small price to pay to bring a little bit of the light and love of the season into another’s home.