Impeachment? What if Trump would've began with modesty, wanting to learn? Instead, on his first day, he exaggerated bombastically (inauguration crowd size), then attempted to bar Muslims entering the U.S. from countries he selected. Two trends that grew quickly — falsehoods, and racism. With potential to be a great president, he remained the pompous jackass he'd always been.

I'm a Democrat (please don't judge me), switching parties in 1972 to dissociate with Nixon. I've voted any party (Bush in '76). Incredibly, many of Trump's flaws were evident well before the election, but he won. I understand people desiring a fresh, non-politician to drain the swamp. Alas, it's way swampier now.

Too much was overlooked and/or unforeseen: the scope and magnitude of the lying, chaotic foreign policy, costly trade wars making working citizens pawns, immigration "policy" gone amok, no well-planned approaches to infrastructure, crime, education, gun control or drug abuse, the emergence of hatred. Add in additional womanizing (with payoffs), profanity, degrading nicknames, nepotism, ignorance when speaking or tweeting, involvement in easily avoided issues — athletes kneeling, celeb bashing — using the office for personal gain, refusal to heed advice, a plethora of resignations and firings, multiple "acting" appointees, obsession/compulsion with "the wall" and Trump University exposed.

Wholesale labeling of groups as made up of people who he has summarily dismissed as bad, vicious or simply wrong — Dems, Liberals, Mexicans, all Latinos, the media he despises as fake news, Republicans against him ("human scum") is juvenile. These populations are comprised of people with diverse backgrounds, views, hopes and dreams.

I'm 73 as is Trump. A retired psychologist, know how difficult it is to change human behavior, especially as we age. But had he chosen to display altruism and humility, truly caring for we citizens, I would have done everything in my power to support him. Didn't happen due to inconceivable self-indulgence.

Stephen Ficke, Topeka