INMAN — Kat Kaufman made her dream come true in 2017 when she purchased an Italian villa, but she didn't have to go to Europe for her fantasy to be reality.

The villa is right here in Kansas. Just outside Inman at 158 Chisholm Road, the 3,000-square-foot property is the perfect place for events, parties and gatherings.

“It’s a dream to live there. I can’t hardly believe that this is where I live,” Kaufman said. “Even when I’m cleaning, I can’t believe that this is mine to take care of.”

Kaufman, a native of McPherson, fell in love with the property years ago when she attended a wine tasting and couldn't get the picturesque property out of her head.

“There was something about it, something in my heart that kept saying, ‘This is what you need,’” Kaufman said. “To get there, you drive on this forever-long dirt road and you pass all these farms, and trees and cows, until the trees unveil this field with this huge yellow Italian villa with a red roof and metal giraffes in the front. You wonder if you went through a portal and entered a different world. Your jaw just drops.”

Kaufman purchased the venue from the original owners John and Chris Hershberger, who built it in 2001 as a large home but altered it to include venue and studio space. Now it includes acres of gorgeous gardens, space for parking, beautiful buildings and an outdoor wood-burning brick pizza oven.

“They built it themselves with their own hands. They built a bit, and then they’d change it and add on, so the house is a piece of art in itself,” Kaufman said.

Kaufman is no stranger to playing hostess, though her degree is in fiber arts, the costume designer fell in love with event planning after hosting her own art show. This was the basis of her passion for creating perfect events for people, from fun nights out to the most intimate moments in life.

“We’re excited to be a part of people’s wedding day,” Kaufman said. “That’s the most important day in most people’s lives and we get to watch it over and over again while making their dream come true.”

They host events big and small, from outdoor gatherings of five to 15 people to pizza parties with a minimum of 20 people. A formal dinner can also be had at La Torre complete with a four-course meal. In addition to private parties, Kaufman plans events that are open to the public throughout the year. Adult Easter egg hunts, fine dining experiences, tea parties and solstice celebrations are just a few of the activities that have been held at the villa.

The venue provides a list of services and events on the La Torre Events Venue Facebook page and Kaufman can be reached by phone at 316-833-1937. Tickets to public events are also available for purchase online.