Red Cedar Land Company adds auction option

Fran Brownell
Red Cedar Land Company broker/agent Ryan Koelsch and wife Annie have expanded services of their independent real estate business to include auctions. Red Cedar is located in St. John but has representatives throughout southcentral Kansas, including Nathan Leeper in Pratt.

St. John’s Red Cedar Land Company which offers real estate, land management and other agricultural services, has attained new status in the real estate world and is expanding into the auction arena.

Red Cedar broker/owner Ryan Koelsch said the new auction division will include gun and vehicle auctions as well as properties.

Mike Niedens, who is one the Red Cedar sales staff, will be the auctioneer.

“I’m excited that we’re now an independent real estate service and are able to accommodate all aspects of real estate,” Koelsch said. “We’re planning to expand throughout the Midwest.”

Koelsch said Red Cedar has expanded its real estate services to include farmland, crop land, ranchland, residential, commercial and hunting properties.

Aside from the real estate, Red Cedar also has a land management division that is overseen by Heath Getty. The purpose of land management division is to enhance property for wildlife habitat.

Thirty-three-year-old Koelsch is a St. John native, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in agronomy from Kansas State University, Manhattan, whose passion for the great outdoors was nurtured by his parents, Phillip and Terri Koelsch.

“I’ve been fishing and bow hunting with my family as far back as I can remember,” Koelsch said. “Now I’m joined in my outdoor adventures by my beautiful wife Annie.”

Red Cedar also has a retail store for seeds and blinds, located at 2 NE 10th Avenue, one mile east of 281 Junction.

The store carries Sygenta, Golden Harvest, WL Alfalfa and Warner Seed products and is a retail outlet for Muddy Blinds.

“Both seeds and blinds are an important part of our business which is why we opt to carry only quality products,” Koelsch said.

Derrick Ferguson is Red Cedar’s seed advisor and Koelsch and Ferguson have charge of the blinds division.

Joining Koelsch in the Red Cedar realty division are agents Nathan Leeper, Aaron Fast, Kyle Martin, Larry Boss, Mark Morris and Mike Niedens, who is also the auctioneer. Amy McVey rounds out the Red Cedar crew as marketing director.

“We all have strong roots in agriculture and are dedicated to customer service,” Koelsch said.

Red Cedar maintains a professionally-styled website that includes listing with color pictures and property descriptions, including prices, along with pertinent information about the area where the property is located.

The Red Cedar website may be accessed at and Red Cedar Land Company also has a Facebook presence, which includes videos.

Red Cedar retail hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays. The store is closed on Sundays.

Agents and staff may also be contacted by phone 620-546-3746.