Fair or no fair, 4-Hers continue project fun

Hannah Brown
Greensburg 4-Her Brock Hassiepen's nanny goat gave birth to twins this month, a female and a male. Here, they are both trying to get their share of their dam's milk.

Kiowa County siblings Brock and Sayre Hassiepen have agriculture in their blood.

“They were born into it and grew up on the farm helping,” said their mother Jeanine.

Although the two youngsters have grown up in the agriculture world since they were born, a new love came when Brock started raising goats for 4-H. Brock expanded his herd to include a nanny to have kids. Sayre, Brock’s younger sister, wanted a nanny of her own, so the expansion continued. Currently, Brock has two nannies, who both have kids.

Sayre is raising a market goat to show at the Kiowa County Fair in July, which she is raising from a nanny from last year’s fair. Sayre also has a nanny who is at another farm to get bred. In late January, Brock’s nanny gave birth to triplet kids, one of which had to be bottle-fed. About three weeks ago, Brock’s second nanny welcomed twins.

“Having kids in springtime is fun. [We] love watching them play,” said Brock.

To ensure that their goat herd is successful, Brock and Sayre give the young goats vaccinations around the time they are weaned off their mothers. As for the nannies, they get vaccines annually. The herd grazes around the farm and get plenty of goat feed as well as hay. Sayre’s nanny will kid this summer, but other than that the siblings aren’t expecting any more babies this year.

Brock is 14 and said he enjoys fishing, working on the family farm or working for other local farmers. Sayre is 11 years old and enjoys playing with animals, creating crafts, and talking with her classmates and friends.

Because of coronavirus concerns some counties in Kansas have announced fair cancellations, but for 4-Hers like the Hassiepen siblings, raising livestock is about much more than going to the fair. It’s all about the fun to be had interacting with their favorite animals on a daily basis, and they are having a blast with their goats.