Pipeline repair completed west of Pratt

Gale Rose
Fresh dirt marks the area where repairs were made to the Enterprise butane pipeline after a leak shut down a portion of U.S. 54 between Greensburg and Pratt for five days. No one was injured in the incident.

Crews have completed repair work on an Enterprise butane pipeline leak that shut down U.S. 54 for five days between Pratt and Cullison.
The county worked in a support role as Enterprise completed repairs, said Pratt County Emergency Manager Tim Branscom during the Feb. 3, Pratt County Commission meeting.
The hole  from the blowout was a good five or six feet high and was next to a highway and railroad so that made it difficult.
Commissioner Joe Reynolds said the county did a good job handling the event, especially since a butane leak was a new issue
Branscom said 175 weather radios had been received and during programming, one radio can be programmed and that can be transferred to the other radios, saving time in the process.
The number of community service hours is down from 2018 and Nancy Smith, community service work coordinator, said they just weren't getting as many people sentenced to community service because of changes in youth laws.
Lately, however, those numbers are starting to pickup again, said Smith as she presented 2019 statistics to the Commissioners.
Recently, community service workers helped with Senior Commodity Distribution and DCF Commodities. A good crew was also on hand to help take down Lemon Park Lights, Smith said.
Smith said 36 people had completed their community service hours for a total of 1,937 hours completed. Worksites in the county included Pratt County Courthouse, Law Enforcement Center, The RSVP program, Pratt County Food Bank, Commodity Distributions, Pratt Area Humane Society, Pratt Area Recycling Center, Pratt County Lake, the Hope Center, Pratt Health Foundation, Goodwill in Wichita, Red Cross, Pass It forward Ministries, Community Thanks giving dinner, Toys for Tots, Lemon Park Lights and the Salvation Army in Reno County.
Currently, there are 42 open community service work files including 16 from the Pratt County Attorney, 12 from South Central Community Corrections and 14 from Court Services.
Alan Waites, Pratt Regional Medical Center vice president for finances reported that total patient revenues reached $25.8 million and that was up 3.5 percent from the forecast. January looks to be a strong month.
Net revenues from operations were $55,000 to the good for the last three month and for the last nine months, they had reached 75 percent of their budget which is exactly where they want to be. Even losses were $90,000 better than budgeted.
"We're on track and cautiously optimistic. Cash flow is good," Waites said.
The new PRMC laundry facility is in full operation at their new location in Pratt on West First Street. By doing their own laundry, the hospital is saving $100,000 a year and has added two and a half jobs to the employee staff.
Sales taxes continue to be on the positive side. Susan Page, PRMC president and CEO, said they were getting positive sales tax projections. The total cumulative sales tax is just under $2 million more than predicted.
Work has continued this winter on the new Americare facility and construction is ahead of schedule. The facility should be open for business by the end of September.
Page said the search for another surgeon was going well and they intended to make an offer that day.