Pratt students stock care closet

Kahrie Stegman
Pratt High JAG-K students stock the Speak Life Community Closet for other students in need. Helping earlier this week were (from left) Jayven Teets, Olivia Muntz, Tyler Reimer and Brock Hudson.

Pratt High School’s JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) students are giving back to their peers in the JAG program with the Speak Life Community Closet. This is a closet stocked with necessities and ran by students in JAG teacher Shaphan Staats’ classroom. Anyone who needs clothes, food, personal hygiene items or water can easily access the closet and take what they need.

“The goal is to give an option to those who don’t have everything they need,” said Camdon Nickelson, Regional JAG and Pratt High JAG secretary. “We want to be able to help fellow classmates so they feel safe at school”

The closet was opened a week and a half ago, and it has already been used around four times.

Before the JAG students ran the closet, Pratt High Counselor Lori Myers was in charge of it, but Shaphan Staats thought it would be good for the JAG students to get involved.

“I saw it as an opportunity for students to help other students,” Staats said. “I wanted the students to have some buy-in.”

JAG students Olivia Muntz enjoys being a part of the process.

“I feel like it gives us something to be proud of by helping other students want to learn and want to come to school,” Muntz said. “I just want to help people be successful.”

“Speak Life” has been a theme for the JAG program this year, according to Staats.

“We just think, ‘How can we Speak Life into others who may need it?’”

Students involved in the closet are Olivia Muntz, Camdon Nickelson, Eli Staats, Alexa Roberts, Cesar Espino, Brock Hudson, Keishaune Thompson, Dustin Cox, Jayven Teets, Tyler Reimer, Kaylie Winkel and Kilynn Ray.

“A big part of JAG is community service,” Staats said. “It provides an opportunity for our kids to do just that.”