Pratt's last season forensics team honored with '100 Club' placement

Ruby Howell
Pratt Tribune
Accepting a forensics team honor certificate for making the ‘100 Club’ are PHS students (from left) Michael Dishman (soph), Kaylee Pitts (soph), Hogan Thompson (sr) and Darrian Cox (jr).

Earlier this month, the Pratt High School Forensics team was honored with placement in the National Speech and Debate Association's '100 Club.'

The PHS team is a part of the NSDA, and usually, students gather points throughout the year to earn different degrees and honors. This is based on how many tournaments they attend, as well as how they place in those tournaments. Points can be earned through speeches, acting, debating, and any other time when a student performs or communicates in front of a crowd. 

However, due to COVID-19, the forensics season for 2020 was cut short. So, the NSDA came up with a way to recognize teams that had compiled 100 points or more before the season ended, as a way to highlight their commitment. 

Last year’s forensics team, which comprised of 33 students, all contributed to making it into the '100 Club.'

Forensics team head coach Rose Beilman said she is extremely proud of last season's team, and cautiously optimistic for the upcoming season.

Much of last season’s forensic competitions took place virtually, the coming season may be the same.