Pratt city commissioners approve four new dangerous animal ordinances

Fran Brownell
Pratt Tribune
Asland Ministries is planning to renovate and establish a home for help, hope and healing on Taylor Street in Pratt, but neighborhood residents are not on board with the idea and presented their concerns the Pratt City Commission at the May 19 meeting.

Pratt City Commissioners had a lot on their plate at their regular meeting Monday, May 17, ranging from neighbors’ concerns about a proposed Asland Ministries project, to amending ordinances relating to animal control, to discussion regarding use of side-by-side UTVs on city streets.

Mayor Gary Schmidt presided with Commissioners Zach Deeds, Jeanette Siemens, Don Peters and Kyle Farmer all in attendance.

Commissioners first received welcomed news from Rich Sanders of Sanders Insurance Agency who presented the city a check for $71,480 from UMC, the city’s insurance carrier.

Sanders said the proceeds represent dividends based on group experience of 480 Kanas communities and represented 15 per cent of the city’s 2020 insurance premium.

Darren Dauner, representing Asland Ministries, updated commissioners on preliminary plans for what he described as a Christ-centered restoration initiative at 508 South Taylor.

“Our aim is a comprehensive service to the community to provide a service of positive change,” Dauner said, adding that focus of the service has not yet been confirmed.

Jennifer and Dave Inslee were among audience members addressing concerns about the proposed location for the Asland outreach program.

“I know we need it, but not in a residential and school area,” Jennifer Inslee said.

Commissioner Peters requested more information about the Asland Ministries plans, with City Manager Bruce Pinkall to be the point of contact with Dauner and community members.

City Attorney Regina Goff said that the federal regulations could tie the city’s hands regarding the proposed project, depending on how it is the project is structured.

Also during the open agenda, commissioners fielded questions from Ryan Rose and Tammy Krom regarding use of Side-by-Side UTVs on Pratt city streets.

“They are not allowed in the city limits at this time,” Police Chief Nate Humble said.

Mayor Schmidt requested that City Attorney Goff and Chief Humble work together to develop an ordinance relating to the issue.

On recommendation of City Attorney Goff, commissioners approved four ordinances relating to animal control: Ordinance 2108, Amending Running at Large; Ordinance 2109, Providing for Animal Definitions; Ordinance 2110, Providing a Prohibition on Keeping Dangerous Animals; and Ordinance 2111, Providing a Notice of Violation of the Prohibition on Keeping Dangerous Animals.

“These put a little more teeth into it,” Commissioner Peters said. “The owner has responsibility to watch out.”

The ordinances are available for review at Pratt City Hall, 619 South Main Street, during normal business public hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Kramer said.

In other business, city commissioners approved, on recommendation of Pratt Electric Utility Director Jamie Huber, purchase of a 2021-2022 Ford F550 with a 42' Aerial lift and service body from Altec Industries, Inc., of Birmingham, AL, low of two bidders at $133,779, with anticipated delivery date of 500 to 530 days.

Commissioners also approved use of May Dennis Park for a Disc Golf tournament on Saturday, June 12, as requested by Joseph Burt.

Next meeting of the Pratt City Commission is scheduled for 5 p.m. Monday, June 7, the public is welcome to City Hall for that meeting.