Luna brings spotlight to Dodge City during recent vocal competition in Los Angeles

Edward J. Naughton
Pratt Tribune
Andrea Luna, 18, saw success in a recent vocal music contest in Los Angeles.

Andrea Luna of Dodge City might best be described as a young lady who is making her voice heard and learning every day about growing up in Kansas. At 18, she said her hope is to connect to Kansans in a positive way through her gift of song. 

Not only has Luna found a way to connect with Kansans, she has also put her hometown in the spotlight with her recent success in "Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento" 2021, taped in Los Angeles.

“I was very proud to represent my hometown of Dodge City,” said Luna, who was a grand finale contestant in the "Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento" competition, which parallels the "America’s Got Talent" format.

Luna, daughter of Jose and Julia Varela, has been dedicated to nurturing her musical career since age 12 when her cover rendition of Celine Dion’s, “My Heart Will Go On,” from the Titanic, was posted on YouTube. She continues to share her music with a growing fan base on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Luna’s parents serve as her managers and she is also supported by sisters Samantha and Zaya. 

Luna’s musical theme is love and her aspirations are many.

“I love the theme of love,” said Luna. “The wonder of human love is my emphasis right now because love is what makes people happy, but love also makes people sad. When they are heart-broken by love, they think about that, but when they are happy and in love, they look for it in songs.”

Luna also plays guitar with a focus on learning the fine points of expressing her feelings through music.

Since graduating from Dodge City High School in 2020, Luna said she has been hyperactive on social media, spending countless hours watching many different types of music and singing presentations on YouTube and other online platforms. 

Recently, Luna has broadened her life focus with outings to Wright Park to help her relax.

Luna said enjoying nature is a stress relief as are her exercise sessions at the gym.

“I’m trying to balance everything in my life,” Luna said.

Family life includes spending time with her mixed-chihuahua puppy.

Luna said she has a soft spot for not only dogs, but for cats, too, opening her heart to just about any animal she encounters.

This is Luna’s second go-round to garner media headlights for her singing talent.  Two years ago, on May 25, 2019, Luna was one of three finalists for , taking second place.Mexico’s Ganador de Tengo Talento Mucho Talento 20!

Video of the 2019 Mexico’s Ganador de Tengo Talento Mucho Talento 20!, awards presentation is posted on You Tube with almost 1.8 million views to its credit.

As a fan of “America’s Got Talent,” Luna said she has aspirations to vie for that honor as well.

She has also set her sights on working with a recording studio in Kansas. Her goal is to record an introductory CD featuring three of her best songs.

Luna sings in both English and Spanish languages, but prefers the passionate Spanish singing voice.

Luna first started performing publicly for small gatherings at Dodge City Public Library about 10 years ago and she has continued to perform at special community events, including local venues when Cinco de Mayo is observed.

She relishes opportunities where interaction with local people in community-inspired venues exist, including venues in Liberal as well as Dodge City.

Her next performance will likely be at the Dodge City International Festival this September, but she can be found on her favorite social media sites at any time.