Wood Farms Flowers provide base of business for local entrepreneur

Grace May
Pratt Tribune
Ema Wood, from near Trousdale, grows her own flowers and pumpkins to supply a growing art business with many customer options.

Ema Wood has started a new business in her backyard on a farm near Trousdale - Wood Farms Flowers. She specializes in growing and selling flowers, pumpkins and other products which are available to customers at Market 54 on Main in Pratt, as well as at area farmers markets through the summer.

“Her dried flowers seem to be a hit; they seem to fit into the vibe of my store well,” said Karen Hampton, owner of Market 54 on Main.

Wood, who began developing her own flower arrangments, pressed flower cards and watercolor paintings in 2019, as well as home-grown plant products, also delivers items purchased through pop-up sales advertised on the Wood Farms Flowers Facebook page. Prices for the flowers are based off of the USDA Ornamental reports, with small bouquets priced from 10$ to15$ and large bouquets from 25$ to 40$.

Wood said that she grows over 45 different varieties of flowers, including sunflowers, cosmos, sweet peas, zinnias, and dahlias. She uses these flowers to craft the handmade products as well as the bouquets. She also grows and sells 12 varieties of pumpkins that are not orange.

She said the weather this spring and summer has been a challenge for growing flowers, but the business is still doing fine.

“With the late frost and extra moisture, flowers are blooming a little later than planned and I’m battling fungus and bugs which last year didn’t hit until later in the season,” Wood said.

In the fall, Wood Farms Flowers will offer porch decorations with pumpkins and corn stalk bundles. The business is also starting to provide flowers for small events and weddings.

“If I feel like the flowers are producing enough to satisfy the client, I will do it. As the garden grows I hope to be able to offer to do more weddings and larger events,” Wood said.

Wood said she started her business with five 25-foot-long flower beds and some beginners flower-seed kits. Now, the amount of flowers have doubled, and the amount of pumpkins have tripled. Wood hopes that as her business grows further, her garden will expand to the size of five acres. The future plans for the business include adding a pumpkin patch and corn maze.

Wood is married to David Wood and is a mother of three children under six. She appreciates all of the love, support and patience that her family has with her love of flowers.

For those interested, a place to learn more about Wood’s business is the Facebook page, Wood Farms Flowers, where she posts updates, pop up sales, and information on where and what products she is selling in town.