J.K. Knight & Sons continues good reputation for building despite delays

Dawson Evert
Pratt Tribune
J.K. Knight Construction crew installing trench drain several months ago at the PRMC Urgent Care & Health Center (from left) include Christopher Prescott, Brad Richardson and Chase Galle.

J. A. Knight & Sons, Inc. has been building homes and businesses in the Pratt area since 1922. Throughout that time in business, attention to detail, quality work and customer service have been the main priorities of the company. This reputation for good work is what J. A. Knight & Sons, Inc. is built on and even in the middle of a pandemic these will remain the priority for the company, even with delayed materials.

From five weeks to five months to get the materials to re-roof and re-side Parkwood Village is an example of how the J. A. Knight & Sons, Inc. has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn. The time taken for materials to reach the job site is a primary obstacle that the contracting company has faced this past year as it continues to do high-quality work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the contracting company by slowing the delivery time of materials that are vital to the work they that they do. One recent example of the slow delivery time of materials is about five months to get the materials to re-side and re-roof Parkwood Village senior living center, which would normally take about five weeks to get the materials to complete the job. The company still continues to work through the delays and continues their high-quality work which they have built their reputation on.

Now owned and operated by Chase Galle and Bill Temanson, J. A. Knight & Sons Inc. has operated in Pratt for many years and built a strong reputation with customers for its high-quality work. The company hires the best carpenters and tradesmen in the area, and this is the reason they have repeat customers.

The company is dedicated to great customer service, efficiency and attention to detail. These core values are what set the high standard among the employees.

J.A. Knight & Sons, Inc. only advertises through a Facebook page, signs at projects and primarily word of mouth in the small town. An advantage for the company is the close proximity of the residents and that many of them know one another. The small town of Pratt can provide advantages for the business, including strong communication between the company and the customers.

The location of the business in Pratt also makes obtaining specialty items for a job more difficult, even without a pandemic slowing the arrival time. The company also competes with contractors in surrounding counties.

J. A. Knight & Sons, competes with every other contractor in a nearly four-county radius as they work in both residential and commercial contracting. The company strives to set itself apart from the competition through great work and customer service.

While attention to detail and customer service are always of the utmost importance, J. A. Knight & Sons, Inc. also strives to be more efficient in their work. The company works on just about all aspects of residential and commercial construction, and they deal with nearly all types of construction from demolition to finish carpentry to just about anything in the construction process.

Construction projects each year vary in size. A few large projects may occupy the company’s schedule for a given time, or many small projects are what the company may work on for a time. A recent project was the PRMC Urgent Care and Health Center nearing completion at 1600 East First Street in Pratt.

As the company nears 100 years of business in Pratt, a look back is relavent. James A. Knight founded J.A. Knight Construction in 1922.  He previously worked for Charles Hesston, a general contractor in Pratt, for 4 years before buying his business and changing the name to J.A. Knight Construction. 

One of James A. Knight’s son, L.V. Knight, moved back to Pratt in 1936 after working in Chicago and Akron to begin working with his dad.  The company name was then changed to J.A. Knight & Son.  James A. Knight’s other son, James “Jimmy” A. Knight, Jr worked for the business during his high school years before entering the service.  Jimmy returned from the service in 1948 but began farming in western Kansas.  In 1951, Jimmy came back to Pratt and began working with his dad and brother.  The company name was then changed to its current name, J.A. Knight & Sons. 

After working for Martin K. Eby Construction for 6 years, Jimmy’s son, James “Doug” D. Knight, moved back to Pratt in 1978 and started working with his dad and uncle.  In the early 1990’s, Jimmy and L.V. retired and sold the business to Doug. 

In 2016, Doug retired from the business and sold the company to Chase Galle and Bill Temanson.  Temanson had worked for J.A. Knight & Sons for eight years prior to the purchase, and Galle had worked for Hutton Construction for three years before returning to Pratt and purchasing the business. 

J. A. Knight & Sons, Inc. does, visit their website at www.jaksconstruction.com or you can call their main phone number (620) 672-6571. Their building is located at 111 Stout Street, Pratt, Kansas.