Customer crashes into Serva-Teria building on Tuesday morning

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Serva-Teria manager Ezzie Diaz flashes peace signs from inside the restaurant on Tuesday morning, indicating that everyone inside was okay shortly after a car crashed into the side of the building. Business owner Jim Souther is reflected in the side of the broken window.
Serva-Teria owners Jim Souther and his son, James Souther, survey the damage done to their restaurant Tuesady when a white Cadillac car was accidentally put in drive instead of park. The vehicle jumped the parking barrier and crashed into the seating area of the restaurant in Pratt. No injuries were reported.

No one was hurt, but morning diners at the Serva-Teria on Tuesday were a bit shook-up when a car crashed into the second booth along the north side of the building in Pratt.

"We are very lucky there was no one sitting at that table," said Serva-Teria manager Ezzie Diaz, who was on duty waitressing when the car hit. "A customer sitting in the corner, who usually sits facing the east, was on the other side this time and flying glass hit the seat and went in his coffee, but nothing on his face and arms. It could have been much worse. No one inside was hurt. We are so thankful."

Owners Jim Souther and his son, James Souther, were on hand soon after the accident to view the damage at the breakfast and brunch restaurant at 1123 E. First Street.

"A woman driving a Cadillac accidently put her car in drive instead of park and jumped the barrier," Jim Souther said. " There was some damage to the base there and we will have to get the window boarded up while the concrete work is fixed."

Diaz said this was the second or third time that a driver has crashed into the side of the Serva-Teria building since she has worked there, but luckily this time did not result in injuries to those eating.

"We just paid to have all those windows cleaned," Diaz said. "That's unfortunate."

One large plate-glass window was broken out, another cracked, and the concrete base and brick trim were damaged in the incident. 

The driver of the car, who did not require medical care at the scene, was a regular customer at the restaurant but was not officially identified at press time.

The Serva-Teria remains open for regular business from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., except on Mondays. The iconic restaurant was formerly known as Don's Servateria in Pratt.