Barclay College auction brings in more money than ever before in 90th Anniversary event

Edward J. Naughton
Kiowa County Signal
John Hamm was the auctioneer at the recent Ladies Auxiliary Auction, a 90th Anniversary event which raised more than $129,000 for Barclay College student scholarships. That amount is more than ever raised before at such an event.

Blessed success. That is the phrase some are using to describe what happened at the 90th annual Ladies Auxiliary auction at Barclay College auction on October 2, 2021.

The reported amount in donations secured by bidding was well over $129,000 which will benefit many students seeking tuition scholarships. Qualified Barclay College students who attend college at Barclay and who also live in the dormitory will benefit from free tuition raised from the donations received at the auction.  

The proceeds raised reflected a best-ever auction event in Barclay College history. To compare the last live auction event at Barclay College was in October 2019 and that event was very good at $80,000 raised. 

The vision for the college has always included a desire to glorify God. The students of Barclay College did their part in glorifying God by the work of their hands and thus they contributed to the overall success of the event. 

The students of Barclay College helped in various ways, served soda drinks, snacks, and sandwiches. They also cleaned tables, took out the trash, etc., whatever was needed to be done to help people visiting their campus feel comfortable and welcome - before, during and even after the auction ended. They can feel proud of their part in the auction success.

Herb Frazier was President of Barclay College in 2010. Under his leadership in 2010, the leap of faith took place. The board approved and they started offering free tuition for qualified students who call the dorm their home while studying at Barclay.

One of the personal stories that appeared on the Facebook site for Barclay College was the testimony of Brockie Follette who was blessed by a quilt she received because of her husband's generosity that for many years beforehand she had only dreamed of. 

Follette heads National Friends Youth training otherwise known as Kaleo Academy. She said, "God showed up in a miraculous way today, and my husband bought me a beautiful quilt at the Barclay College auction."

Follette's husband, Todd Follette, serves as pastor at Haviland Friends Church. They are very much family oriented and have grown up children and one child still residing at home.

Overall in thinking about the auction and Barclay College as a whole, Follette said that she has been blessed to feel the generosity of spirit of people all around her while at Barclay College. She graduated from Barclay in 1990. She noticed that generosity was strongly present at the auction.  

Follette proudly placed a photo of the quilt on her Facebook post. Follette said her parents attended Barclay Academy before it officially became a college.

"I would sometimes attend the annual Barclay auction with my parents. I would think to myself - I will probably never get to own a quilt like one of these, but I can dream anyway," Follette said.

Now her dream has come true! She has the quilt because of the generosity of her husband. She said he had saved for quite a while to be able to make the bid necessary to get the quilt for her on October 2nd.

There was a feeling among those in attendance that something more than just an average auction was taking place. The momentum of giving was so strong that at one point in the auction $40,000 was raised from those bidding in the space of only 10-15 minutes. 

"We had 4 people who bid $5,000 each for their chosen quilt, so that in a very short time that amounted to $20,000 towards the tuition fund in just a few minutes," Follette said. 

People from many different states including far away like Washington state, Illinois, Iowa, and many other places besides Kansas were in attendance at the auction, so it was not just local participation. Friends from east to west made the auction day a great one to remember.

The challenge for all students today is the ever-rising cost of college degree programs, but the hope is that  young adults, whether they come from a broken home, poverty situation, low income, or simply from a middle class socioeconomic standing, at Barclay College the atmosphere of learning is one based on hope. 

The students at Barclay have been given a vote of great confidence by those who contributed to this very successful auction in some way.  So perhaps something greater than success was found at this annual auction event at Barclay College which will make lives better both now and into the future.

John Hamm owner of Hamm Auctions and Real Estate served as auctioneer for this special event. He raised $40,000 in donations by calling for bids in increments of $5,000, $1,000, $500, and $100.

One of the most historic pieces sold at the auction was a gold-plated Winchester 30/30 lever action that was made for the Haviland Centennial in 1988. Only 25 of these specially designed rifles were made. The rifle was donated by Gene Wright and sold at the October 2nd event for an astounding $4,800 at auction. 

The quilts auctioned in the afternoon of auction day raised approximately $45,000.

President of the college, Royce Frazier said, “Unbelievable! This is the result of people who love Barclay College and honor God.”

All proceeds support the Full Tuition Scholarship that is awarded to all students who live in the dorms.

"This was very encouraging," said Mark Miller, VP of Institutional Advancement. "The auction is a critical part of our fundraising goals to support our Full Tuition Scholarship. We are very grateful for the turnout and participation of so many people."

The 90th Annual Auxiliary Auction was planned by committee members Kay Unruh (Chair), Joyce Bryan, Marcy Bunce, Lynetta Chitwood, Carolyn Frazier, Sharon Howard, Lori Larsh, and Debbie White, all from Haviland, Kansas; and Pam Mayo from Pratt, Kansas.