Students create and celebrate Noche de Fiesta Tuesday at Pratt High School

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Pratt High School students in foreign language classes celebrated concepts learned so far with a special party last week.

Foreign Frogs, a Pratt High School club that meets regularly to celebrate and learn about cultures and languages around the world, had their first activity of the year, Noche de Fiesta (Fiesta night) on Tuesday, November 9 in the Pratt High School commons area. 

Students in Michelle Popovich's Spanish and French classes studied celebrations from different Spanish- and French-speaking countries as a part of the preparation for the event. Students also learned about typical food for their country's celebrations and then chose a food which they made for the evening event.  Foreign Frogs members helped in organizing the event as well as bringing food. 

At the fiesta students enjoyed sampling and eating delicious food from many different countries.  They also danced and played musical chairs to Mexican music.  The evening ended with younger attendees enjoying piñatas and candy!