Pratt experts weigh in on coronavirus possibilities for pets

Madalynn Wilson
This sweet pooch, Nola, belongs to

A lot of people are making changes to their everyday life in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. People are taking extra care to minimize contact with others and washing their hands like mad. Luckily for pet owners, they don’t need to worry about their pets getting sick as well.

At this time, no animals have been infected with the virus. The animals that have tested positive never got sick so it was most likely due to their owners having it according to veterinarian and owner of Dorman Veterinary Clinic, Luann Bergner.

“The only concern with animals is that say a person is sick, if they are coughing or sneezing on the animal, the virus might be on the animal for someone else to get it,” Bergner said. “They’ve done a lot of studies for how long the virus stays on different surfaces and it’s less likely you would pick it up off of an animal’s fur than a metal surface.”

Although it’s not possible for pets to contract the virus, there are some precautions pet owners should take during this time. Jody Grizzell, the owner of The Groom Room, recommends having a few weeks of supplies on hand such as food, medicine, kitty litter, or anything else used every day.

“And although it may seem extreme, have an emergency caregiver in place for your pet should anything happen to you,” Grizzell said. “Even though pets can’t get the virus, you still need to wash your hands and take extra cleaning precautions to minimize viral contamination of any kind.”

As long as everyone continues to take extra precautions with cleaning and hygiene, there’s no need to worry about pets getting Covid-19, Grizzell said.