Los Cabos open for business in Pratt

Marlene Cardona
Special to the Tribune
A remodeled dining area features plenty of space and interesting views for customers at the new Los Cabos restaurant in Pratt.

In this current phase of the COVID-19, the owners of El Dos De Oros opened up a new restaurant for public dining this past week in Pratt. It is the Los Cabos Fajita House.

This new restaurant is located on Highway 54, and used to be “Playa Azul” but that was shut down because of different circumstances.

The Lopez Family, owners of Pratt’s El Dos De Oros restaurant on South Main in Pratt, purchased the former Playa Azul building in January 2020 and started remodeling it. As time passed the Lopez Family started giving out hints and telling people more about the new restaurant but they didn’t give much information so it could be a surprise. The Lopez Family worked day and night to remodel the whole restaurant as it wasn’t in the best shape.

They got a new roof, new sign, new everything. “Los Cabos” is completely new and remodeled. The restaurant's decor is very beautiful and the place is a lot bigger than “El Dos” so there are many sections and it is very big. Their menu is new and has a vast variety of Mexican food. It is different from “El Dos De Oros” because of the greater variety of choices to order and eat.

The grand opening of “Los Cabos” was Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 11 a.m. and business has been brisk ever since


Customers enter to see a full bar, two TVs, and a big screen. There are three sections of booths and tables. The booths are a pretty wood material and are very comfortable. Also the tables are the same material but the chairs are big and very comfy as well. The decorations are very pretty and fit with every detail of the restaurant. It shows that they put a lot of work into it to get it exactly how they wanted. They also have a cheese fountain in operation after five p.m. The day of the grand opening all the waitresses looked professional. They all had a blue collared shirt with the name of the restaurant and always had a smile on their face.

Despite the world pandemic, customer response shows there is happiness in having a new place to eat in Pratt.