Do we allow freedom's light to burn free?

Deanna Hoeme
Pratt Tribune
Flags waving In Pratt represent freedom not to be taken for granted.

Dear Editor:

The song, "My Country ‘Tis of Thee Sweet Land of Liberty" was written by Francis Smith. Countless of you remember singing these words in school many years ago. He wrote this patriotic hymn in 1832 while pursuing his life work as a clergyman and poet; he was a Baptist preacher. On hearing the English anthem, God Save the Queen, he wrote these words.

By this Smith is proclaiming that true liberty comes from the hand of God. By writing “Freedom’s holy light”, did he imply that true freedom brings with it a light that cannot be extinguished? 

Down through the centuries rulers have tried to enslave humankind. However, instilled in each one of us is the “yearning to breathe free”.  On the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, these words were written by Emma Lazarus in her poem to greet immigrants.

As we ponder these words written in 1832, let us treasure our freedom in the United States of America and the light it brings. In contrast, have you ever seen a photo at night by satellite of North Korea and South Korea? You will be amazed to see that North Korea of totally dark, I wonder why! Could it because of the enslavement by the Communist ideology? By contrast, South Korea is filled with many lights. 


Deanna Hoeme

Preston, Kansas