One from the road: Making memories at the state fair

Ron Moore
St. John News
Ron Moore writes from Stafford County where he is an over-the-road trucker, husband, father and grandfather.

In a few days, the Kansas State Fair will commence. Ten days for memories to be made by people all across Kansas. Do you have any special memories from the state fair? 

I have many memories, starting with my first one in 1976. My friend, Mike, and I were playing a carnival game. He won a small plastic toy and the man started barking out, "We have a winner." 

In the next round, I won the plastic toy. Before he could yell, " We have a winner,", I screamed, "I am a winner." If you do it loud and long enough, the man in the booth will find a hiding place. 

In 2006, I had the most fun just talking to a man. He was at a booth that was giving away those bright orange keyrings that the Kansas Department of Transportation uses to promote safety. The man was probably having a great day until he met me. 

He said that all I had to do was answer a question to get the keyring. There were several books on the table and asked which color I wanted. I answered the blue one. Then it went downhill from there. 

He read " How many feet does it take to stop a semi traveling at 60 MPH"?  

I asked, "Is it loaded or empty?”  

He then proceeded to tell me that it didn't make any difference. After several times of us going back and forth, he said, "It's loaded.” 

That's when I had to ask, "What's it loaded with?" 

He then answered, " It doesn't make any difference". This went on for a minute or two. Then in a hateful tone, he said, "Give me any number and I will give you the keychain". 

I then answered, "300 feet.” His face went from angry to a state of wow. He then said, "You were close. It is 290 feet." 

I didn't get time to ask what condition the brakes were in or what the weather was like. I didn't get a chance to ask what type of road it was on. Gravel, concrete or asphalt can change the results. 

Hopefully, I will get a chance to attend the fair this year. I wonder if that man and his blue book will be there? If not, I will have to make new memories like, where did we park the car?